Artist statement
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 2003 and moved to Norway in 2017. My art, primarily created using acrylic, oil, and spray on canvas and paper, focuses on feelings, facial expressions, and memories. I'm driven by details, colors, and canvas texture. My move from Brazil to Norway deeply influenced my perspective, making me more observant and interested in human behavior and psychology.
This personal experience, combined with my admiration for artists like Basquiat and Dali, and thinkers like Socrates and Jung, shapes my work. My goal is clear: to challenge society to think. In a time where many are absorbed by TikTok and Instagram, my paintings aim to provoke thought and encourage critical thinking. I want to push people to be present, to see the world differently, and to chase their dreams actively. Beyond painting, I'm also passionate about photography, drawing, and design.
 2023 - Stavern Kunst Festival
2023 - Bølgen & Moi
2022 - Norwegian TikTok Awards prize
2022 - Radegast
Nadderud videregående skoleHighschool 2019-2022
Digital Design, Art, and Game Development (Saga Recife) - 2015-2017 (2 years)
   -   Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom)
   -   Anatomy, lighting, color-theory and perspective
   -   Zbrush, Cinema 4D, some 3D Max.
Art and Creative Course - 2014 (5 months)
   -   Acrylic painting, clay sculpting, and furniture design with acrylics.
Manga and Anatomy Course2012 (4 months) 
   -   Focused on anatomy and Japanese style manga.
   -   Acrylic and Oil Painting
   -   Drawing
   -   Anatomy and Perspective Drawing
   -   Color Theory and Light Composition
   -   Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator)
   -   medium skilled A3D Modeling (ZBrush, Cinema 4D, some 3D Max)
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