Creative process

A Collection of albums with different themes of my photography journey. If you are interested in hiring me as a photographer for events, photoshoots or filmmaking. Please email me below

As an artist, my creative process is deeply rooted in my daily social interactions, which are often rich with philosophical discussions and social critiques. I am particularly drawn to examining the nuances of our capitalist society and the pervasive influence of social media, though I consciously avoid aligning myself with any political ideologies. Instead, I adopt the role of an observer, impartial yet deeply engaged in the world around me.
My journey towards creating a painting begins with these interactions. I absorb the conversations and observations around me, allowing them to seep into my subconscious without active analysis. This stage is crucial for me; it's where the seeds of my future artwork are sown, unbeknownst to my conscious mind. Over time, these seeds grow and intertwine, evolving through a combination of passive and active meditation. This process can span days, weeks, or even months, during which I am not actively thinking about these ideas but letting them mature in the background of my thoughts.
The most intriguing part of my process is the visualization that occurs within my mind. Gradually, I start to see the paintings I will create, viewing themcccccdinternally before they ever touch a canvas. This phase involves finding symbols, analogies, and connections that I will later translate into my art. It's a complex, internal dance of ideas that slowly becomes clear and tangible.
Once I have a solid concept, I move to sketching and creating lists that explore different perspectives, compositions, and color schemes. Everything at this stage is deliberate and thoughtfully considered, ensuring that each element of my painting is laden with meaning and purpose. After sketching, I allow these concepts to 'marinate', giving my subconscious time to process and refine them further.​​​​​​​
The act of painting is the final and most rapid phase of my process. Due to my ADHD, I work quickly to capture the essence of my ideas before they fade or are replaced by new thoughts. This urgency imparts a dynamic quality to my work, but make no mistake—the paintings are complex reflections of my thoughts and critiques. They are not just visual expressions but embodiments of the intellectual and emotional journey I undergo.
In essence, my approach to art is a reflection of my journey through life—observing, absorbing, and then expressing. It's a journey from the chaos of the external world to the clarity of a painted canvas, encapsulating what it means to be an engaged, reflective observer of the human condition. My art is more than just paint on canvas; it's a tangible manifestation of my thoughts, critiques, and perspectives, a permanent record of the intellectual and emotional energy that fuels my creativity
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